Are you a collector? Are you interested in showing your collections and keep contact with other collectors with the same interests as you? Would you like to have your collections ordered and easy to find? If so, this is your site!

What can do this site for me?

Here you can:

  • Manage your collections: Tired of using a word document or excell to list your items? Create, modify, update and export your collections as you want!
  • Share your collections: Whats the point of having a great collection if you can't show it to anyone? Upload photos, information or whatever you want. Your collection will be avaible all over the world!
  • Change or trade items with other people: Here you'll be a member of a huge collectors community.
  • Find rare and interesting items: Your collection is almost complete, but some items are difficult to find? Maybe are here!

Ok, thats great, but... Do I have to add all my items manually? The answer is.. NO! Kolectia is based on a global community, so, if anyone adds a new item, that item will be avaible for anyone! Just check it as yours and that's all!

Wow, that's great, but it will cost me anything? Of course not. All services in Kolectia are free of charge.

How do I start?

You may start browsing our collection list, there you can see all avaible collections and items in our website. If you're not a registered user yet, we highly recommend to create a new account, when done, you'll be able to:

  • Start creating your own collections
  • Upload photos
  • Create new items
  • Send messages to other collectors
  • Post comments and vote them
  • Export your lists

If you're already a registered user, you can login here.

Can I earn money with my collections?

Yes! Now is possible to earn money with your collections. In order to achieve that you must be a collaborator. Being a collaborator will allow you to earn money with your collections and be part of our team.

How much money can I earn?

We will pay you for each item and photo that you add to the site. We are currently offering the following prices:

  • Each new item with at least one photo: 0.03 Euros
  • Each extra photo: 0.01 Euros

We will make a paypal transference when your accumulated earnings reach the amount of 15 Euros

What do I have to do to be collaborator?

Please fill in the following form

What can be this site translated to my own language?

Sure! You can help us translating the site to any language. Just download this template and edit it with PoEdit. PoEdit is a software that can manage 'po' files, wich are used to display the different languages in this site.

Once you've got the finished translation, send it back to us to support[at]kolectia.com and we will make it avaible. Thank you for your collaboration!